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Animal chiropractic  fixes joints that are "stuck" and lost proper motion which we call a subluxation. We perform an adjustment using our hands or an instrument to restore proper motion to the joint, therefore decreasing pain and increasing mobility. This allows the animal to have balance or homeostasis so the body can heal itself.

Dr. Kishbaugh works on all animals large and small. She sees small animals in her practice and travels to barns to see large animals . She is certified in animal chiropractic by the Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA). She holds a current license to practice chiropractic in Arizona. If you have recently seen your vet and they would like to fill out a referral form with any diagnosis information that would be helpful but not required.

                               WHY ANIMAL CHIROPRACTIC CARE?

neck, back, leg and tail pain                                                * pain at poll/head tilt                      * muscle spasms and nerve problems                                   * head shaking/floppy ears

* Injuries from slips, falls and accidents                                * ear sensitivity

* difficulty chewing, jaw/TMJ problems                                * gait issues

*events or sports injuries                                                        * performance problems

* post surgical care                                                                  * not tracking properly

* bowel/bladder incontinence                                                * anal gland problems

* balance or vertigo issues                                                      * changes in behavior

* Arthritis or geriatric pets                                                       * horses not leading right

* maintenance or joint and spinal health                               * not taking the bit


*trouble getting up/down or not wanting to jump up/down

* licking paws excessivley

* dogs sitting off to one side or "puppy sitting"

Dr. Renee Kishbaugh will travel to your barn to see your large animals. Please contact her via email: or voicemail: 520-247-5549 to schedule an appointment!

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